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Dream About Love

Today's scribbler is Lola Peugnet, a French designer from Belgium. On New Years Day she drained her festive hangover with a quiet scribble (below) and a side of fries. Haha, I just checked the calendar and realised that new years day was almost THREE WEEKS AGO. Wow! Time is a slippery sucker! Hmmm okay, for the sake of keeping this blog "current" can we use our powers of imagination and pretend today is actually January 1st? Please? Let's crawl out of bed at midday, use our *inside voices* over brunch and shake three pounds of chunky glitter from our hair and shoes. Helloooooo 2013!

Keep looking: Lola's website - blog

On The Moon

Today's scribbler is Eva Mundorff, an illustrator and comic artist from Belgium. That's her pictured below! Hiding behind a bunch of zines about the ocean. She made those with her Antwerp collective, Studio Fluit. Note the Star Wars poster on the wall too! That's one of her favourite things! She also likes to hold babies and wear mittens, but don't we all? Now I'll tell you three of my favourite things... about Eva. Her drawings are neat! She's got a cute sense of humour! And even though she really needed to pee, she held it in and finished her scribble sheet for us! Thanks, Eva. (you can go pee now)

My Parents Were Hippies

This is Anna Denise, an illustrator from the Netherlands now living in Brussels, Belgium.