Only two more weeks!!

If you've been following along on my instagram you'll know that in two weeks (no! less than two!) I'm hosting a biiiig group exhibition featuring over 140 artists. They've all doodled new scribble sheets not featured on this blog before, so I can't wait to share them with you!

Here's the facebook event page for Melbourne folks. Come along to the opening night on June 5th at 6-8pm!

PS - I accidentally lost my facebook page, so please re-like my new one.

Draw Every Day!

Today's scribbler is Heidi Deguzman from California!


Today's scribbler is Eva Szentgyorgyi from London!

The Sexy!

Today's scribbler is Andrea Tsurum from New York!

Copious Amounts of Black Coffee

You've got mail, says the computer. Seriously dude, you've got mail, come check! Please! Come here. Humaannnnn. I need you! LOOK. AT YOUR. INBOX. Dude you've got mail. You've got MAIL. What if Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan had ignored me like this? Huh? Oi, human!

So yes, I checked my inbox and what did I find? This luscious daydream of a scribble sheet by Suite Charlie. Sigh! How can I be grumpy at my mouthy inbox-man when he delivers me goodies like this? I'm not even going to play it coy like that fool Tom Hanks because who has time for a messy two-hour movie courtship anyway? Let's all begin our instagram art romance with Suite Charlie right away! One two three, go: @suitecharlie